Saturday, October 5, 2013

All About Puerto Vallarta fishing

All about Fishing in Puerto VallartaThis Tropical paradise We call home is also home 
to some of the largest game fish in the 
world. Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, and Sailfish are just some of the most popular fish you will find 
while fishing in Puerto Vallarta. to catch large game fish over 100 lbs you need to pick a 
offshore fishing charter 8-12 hours and travel 22 miles to el morro, 36 miles to La Corbetena 
or 50 miles to El Banco check out 
Puerto Vallarta fishing map to see the fishing grounds.  
inside Puerto Vallarta's Banderas bay You can also fish for smaller species like Jack Crevalle, 
Spanish Mackeral, Bonitos, Roosterfish, and smaller Tuna depending on the fishing season. 
All of our 
Puerto Vallarta fishing charters are tournament equipped for inshore and offshore 
fishing tackle. When your 
fishing in Puerto Vallarta for Marlin you will need a 10-12 hour day 
offshore to Corbetena or el banco Team Ana Maria caught a 576 lb Blue Marlin at El banco 
taking home 1st place Marlin prize at the 7th international Marlin and Tuna Tournament held 
at Paradise village in Nuevo Vallarta. Other popular Puerto Vallarta fish species include 
Wahoo, Dorado/ Mahi mahi, and Striped Marlin. Wahoo is one of the hardest fish to catch 
they are one of the fastest fish in the world with razor sharp teeth you need to troll at high 
speeds if you want to catch a Wahoo.  Striped Marlin unlike Blue and black Marlin prefer 
colder waters you can find striped Marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta February- May check out 
out our 
Puerto Vallarta fish calendar or our Puerto Vallarta fishing reports to see what will be 
biting on your vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Dorado or Mahi mahi you can normally find all your 
around but are much more quantity inshore and offshore in the warmer seasons.

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