Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1st place in Marlin and Tuna Tournament In Puerto Vallarta Mexico August 2013

 1st place Marlin at the 7th international Marlin and Tuna
 tournament in Puerto Vallarta Mexico August 2013We had a great time this last weekend even though no one caught any Tuna or Dorado
I think every boat caught a Marlin at El Banco.Day 1 We departed from paradise village 
at 7am and reached the bank a little after 9am. The team caught live bait and We started
trolling the fishing was very slow for us all day just a small Sailfish nibble in the morning 
but then a little after 3pm We had our first Marlin strike then another and just like that We
had a double hook up.  But since it was already after 3 pm and We needed to be back at
the dock by 6 pm We did not have time to tangle with both so Freddy let his go and the crew
started Reeling in his big  Blue 1 hour 10 minutes later the Blue Marlin was on the boat and 
We were racing back  hoping to make the 50 + mile ride back before 6pm Well captain Steve 
did it again and We were back at the dock with 3 minutes to spare. The Marlin weighed in at 
578 lbs taking 1st place at this years Annual Marlin and Tuna Tournament.
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